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Cameron Miner

Owner / Operator

Your consultant and computer tech service provider. Major Miner is a small business that caters to other small businesses and individuals who are seeking Multimedia Consulting & Computer Tech Services.

Having over 15 years experience in I.T., multimedia, and technology fields in general, Cameron would be a strong candidate to help you with your technical needs

Cameron has strong communication skills and can bridge the gap between knowing how to create and use products/services, and promoting them. With strong interpersonal skills and a friendly and positive attitude, Cameron will build strong relationships with his clients.

Major Miner will help you with your online presence, web material and graphics. We can take care of your website maintenance, setup and configuration, or updates and upgrades. If you are a small business owner, and want a personalized service, Cameron Miner is the guy you want.

Cameron can help you with most general computer tasks, problems, and projects. From basic computer usage tutorials, to more advanced tasks that need technical support, he will give a catered experience to his clients. With a personal touch, he will help you with any computer tasks he has experience with.