Website Development

Web Development

Are you a small business, or even an individual with a product or service you’d like to have a web presence for?

Major Miner can help you get off the ground, and on the web. We can start developing your website, e-commerce solution, and even blog, and build a web presence for your business, service, or personal project. Developing exclusively in WordPress, we can build a basic site that will display information on the web. Cameron can even advise clients on how to get started with social media for their marketing needs.

Website Development

Computer Support / I.T Services

Are you technically challenged? Or maybe an intermediate who would like to expand on their computer knowledge…

Major Miner will come to you and help you with your computer needs. From desktop setup and configuration, to any general task that you can’t figure out (software installation, printer setup, e-mail configuration, computer tutoring, and more). Get your questions together and book an appointment to get Cameron to come see you at your computer.

If you require technical support for more advanced problems, you may want to contact Major Miner as well. If Cameron doesn’t know the answer to a specific problem, he can find someone that does. Within reason, Major Miner will refer clients to services that best suit their needs.

Website Development

Technology Sales

Are you looking to buy a new device for your office or home? Need some advice on what you might get to best help with your tasks?

Major Miner can advise you on things like, what computer is best for what tasks you are trying to accomplish, what router will give you the best performance, or what TV might get the best picture in your media room. If a custom computer is what you’re looking for, Cameron can refer you to where he got his custom computer needs met. It couldn’t hurt to ask, if you have a technology need that you haven’t found a satisfying solution for.

Website Development

Multimedia Consulting and Services

Do you have a picture you’d like to edit, or a video you’d like to put on a DVD/Blu-ray? Maybe you have a graphic that you want to optimize, or even designed from scratch?

Major Miner will edit graphics or photos, and change them to the dimensions, or file size you desire. Say you take a family photo, a photo of your pet, or a picture of something you’d like to print. Send it to Cameron, and he will optimize the graphic/photo. Major Miner is also experienced in editing basic video. Short of adding special effects, Cameron can splice, cut, add sound, and edit video for web, DVD, and even Blu-ray.